Sauerland Range

100 % pure specialities. The Sauerlanders are a tenacious people.

Metten is still the same today; an original with an uncompromising quality and purity - from breeding to the meat counter!

At the centre of our day-to-day work are three core values:

    • Regionality
      We know our suppliers personally and they come from our own region.
    • Trust
      The cooperation within our enterprise is marked by a long-standing cooperation.
    • Credibility
      Our trading partners know that taste, freshness and recognition of trends contributes towards our many years' of service and goods competence. Above all also these values have flowed into the development of our new product family.


Ask for Metten at your meat counter, the original Sauerland product.

Sauerland Wild Herb ham

Sauerland Wild Herb ham

Metten’s Sauerland Wild Herb ham is a mildly cured cooked ham – containing first-class choice parts of rump of pork from North Rhine-Westphalia. Prepared by hand, gently cooked and wrapped in a fine selection of vibrant green wild herbs native to the Sauerland region. Juicy, aromatic and with a fresh taste – a delicious combination from Mother Nature.
Weight 2,0
ENArticle Number 43030
Sauerland Mustard Ham

Sauerland Mustard Ham

With mustard from the Schwerte mustard mill

The Metten Sauerland mustard ham is a  is a mildly salted pink-coloured cooked ham. Made from high-quality ham with a thin covering of fat. Freshly roasted with selected mixed herbs and original Schwerte mustard from their own mustard mills. In this way it gets its strong, hearty taste. The Sauerland country mustard seed ham contains and is coated with mustard seeds, emphasizing its artisanal character - an eye-catcher for every meat counter. 
Weight ca. 2,0
ENArticle Number 43016
Fat Sauerland Salami Selection

Fat Sauerland Salami Selection


Original recipe from Metten’s Willi Hoffmeister  - known as “Smokey” - (b. 1929) who began his apprenticeship at Metten’s when he was just 14. Due to his special talent for calculating the exact amount of smoke, he was always called “Smokey” by his colleagues.  In the 1950’s after the War, foodstuffs were often in short supply. Willi Hoffmeister developed raw sausage and ham products which kept fresh for long periods after purchase.
Weight 2,7
ENArticle Number 12036
Air-Dried Ring Mettwurst Sausage

Air-Dried Ring Mettwurst Sausage

Mild-spicy with a slightly substantial mark. A speciality of the top class - ingeniously refined and in the natural bowel matured. Natural, without added taste amplifiers, colorings, glows and lactose. A high-class pleasure and absolutely well!
Weight 250g - 5 pcs./Atmo-bag = approx. 1.25kg
ENArticle Number 14027